SO yesterday I tried this really cool Diego Telecaster. It felt and played really awesome for just 600 euros, new. But I don't know this brand.. and the information I find on the interwebs is very limited. Does anyone know a bit more about this guitar? Or brand even.


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I actually remember trying Diego Telecaster out here in Finland couple years back. It felt quite well built, no flaws or anything. I can't remember why I didn't take it with me back then, but if I saw it again I think I'd buy it.
You should check out where it was made, check the wood and specs, etc. If it feels good to you, then it'll be a great guitar for you - just make sure it's durable and everything (as in: not snapping the neck when accidentally bumping into stuff, or dropping it -which has happened to me on stage lol-, or anything else you might think of that you want your guitar to be able to do (or not do)).
Diego Guitars were made & designed by Duesenberg.
They are very good guitars. I use 2 have 2 Diego stratocasters. I sold one.
I have only 1 now. This 1 is definitely a keeper.
I'am buying a telecaster '60 RI this friday.

Duesenberg had to pull them of the market (Lawsuit)

Now they are rebuilt and sold by the name Roger
Check this site http://www.rockinger.com/index.php?lang=eng&list=WG017

They are still the same quality. The only difference is the peg shape and the name.
They are still made & designed by Duesenberg.