Hey there,

For sale (no trades please) I have:

Boss DS-2 - £40
Perfect condition. Barely used and supplied with original box, instructions and a battery.

MXR M109 6-Band EQ - £50
Again, perfect condition. Comes with original box, instructions and a battery.

Vox V847 Wah - £45
Very good condition, a few little scratches on the bottom, but nothing that affects the sound or the operation of the pedal. No box/pouch or instructions (as if you need any), but a battery is included.

Postage included in the price (remember that when seeing the prices), I'll send them via Royal Mail. Paypal only please. The DS-2 and MXR were bought new and barely used so are in top condition, the wah was 2nd hand, but I have barely used it.

Thanks for looking!
I'll give you £40 for the EQ.
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i want the eq but i'm in iran!! if you can post it pm me plz
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@jecox ssssoooo ssweeeet that whole set up is so sweet. If I had any distortion/delay setup it would be the akai headrush and BM. Awesome set up.