Looking for opinions of people who have played this guitar or who own one. No dealerships sell them nearby, so I'll be ordering mine online. I've very impressed with the guitars specs, I love the look...just never played one. I've owned Jackson DKMG, Charvel 475 special, a few BC Rich platinum series; and I play mostly eighties metal (though I like Avenged Sevenfold, I doubt I'll be playing much of their stuff). I know there are other guitars better styled for 80's metal, but this syn special is perhaps the most beautiful guitar I've ever seen.
Well, depending on your amp, I would guess it's probably well suited for your needs. However, I would definitely try it out before you blow your cash on it. Schecter necks are famously divisive (and very different from the Jackson/Charvel necks) and alot of signature guitars are well overpriced
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I imagine it's close to the Syn Custom, which I own. I love the guitar, though the FR is a bitch to set up properly, but that goes for all FR systems. If you don't mind having a guitar with his name on it, I'd say go for it.
^ the special is thecnicaly the exact guitar as the custom, just less graphically customized. More stripped down. I like A7X but i eould never buy the custom, because it feels like syn guitar, not yours because of all the graphics on it and all.
I've had a floyd on all my guitars and they are a bitch do deal with. I thought about getting the ATX avenger schecter, which has similar specs but without the floyd; but I like to use the floyd every now and then. What I've done in the past is simply unlock the nut and re-tune at will, and when I'm playing a song that uses trem, I lock the nut. I think it is the same as the syn custom, but without the bat inlays and uses schecter tuners instead of grovers. Again, I'd love to try one, but so schecter dealers in my province. I'm driving down to florida though in May, so I might wait until then.
We sell one at the shop I work out. Completely unremarkable compared to any other Schecter. Do yourself a favor and buy a C-1 Hellraiser if you like that brand. You'll get the same tone, the same playability, and all on a guitar that won't make you look like an idiot.

Also, before the Syn owners comment on my post; yes, I have sat down and played a C-1 Hellraiser and immediately played a Syn custom. Exactly the same feel. Exactly. Also, I work at a guitar shop, and I've had to set up that custom more than once because the Floyd repeatedly goes out of tune. I've come to really dislike that guitar.
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I don't like the look of the c-1 hellraiser; also, its not the syn custom I'm getting, its the syn special, it doesn't have the batwing inlay, or the syn paintjob or initials on the fretboard (though it does have the skull and hat on the knobs and on the back of the headstock); I would never buy a guitar that was so obviously a carbon copy of another guitarists axe. But playing a syn special is, to me, no worse than playing a Jackson Rhoads or a Gibson Les Paul (as, in Slash).