Hey guys :wave:

so I just thought I might investigate a bit on this:

basically I'm looking for a setup for street performance. That is an amp which will also have a jack for plugging my backing tracks to it (iPod/mp3 player)

also how about the power?

the music I play is in my signature, basically something along Buckethead/Paul Gilbert

I'll be plugging my RP355 to it and some other pedals I have, I'm expecting RP355 to be my main source of tone with which I'm quite satisfied atm tbh.

the price. well I'm not yet at the buying stage but I'm thinking along the lines 100-300. nothing big nothing fancy. I also think I'd be getting it from somewhere in Europe. I wouldn't mind used. I'd want it to be light may be and easy to transport, kind of a workhorse.

let's see your suggestions, gentlemen
One of these:
Roland Street Cube
Roland Micro Cube
Roland Microcube RX


Ibanez RG2550Z/SRX430
Alesis Core 1

I'm a student. I've got no time or space for an amp!