I live in England and want to order an acoustic guitar (thinking takamine). Anyway, I would greatly appreciate it if anyone knows any good websites to order from (something like musiciansfriend.com but for the uk :P)
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Check out MusicStore or DV247.
I've ordered equipment from them before, and never had a single problem.
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I know it's european, but Thomann has some good deals and I've never had any problems with their delivery service
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There are also loads of guitar shops in the UK that use ebay as their main online outlet. Look there, I pretty much guarantee you'll find loads of Takamines on there.

Good choice by the way, I used to have a 12 string Takamine acoustic and of all the guitars I've sold over the years, that's the only one I regret selling, they're excellent.
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PMT are pretty awesome, ring your closest store and they should be able to help you.

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so dv247 is reliable?
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