this is the first time i have ever really tried to do something like this
been listening to scale the summit,caligula's horse and such and i was inspired to give it a shot

i have only really just started i might have to repeat the last part once more to conclude that section
but i don't know much about changing key often to keep it going smoothly and change the emotion through every change (obviously what i wanted to do) can you guys help me out with relevant key changes please
It's pretty good, though I think you should perhaps try to focus more on harmonisation with the main melody rather than an all out lead solo. I think with a more a melodic build up, you'd find that putting in a super fast sweep would sound more impressive, as atm, it sounds like a sweep for the sake of sweeping.
Overall though, it's a good first effort and there's nothing that jars or clashes, you've definitely written something that could turn out well if you play around with it.
Also, to change key, you want to be going from the root to the relative minor (which is sort of a key change) or going to the dominant major. Sorry key changes aren't my forte, but you can instead just use accidentals to add a more classical or emotional sound, or whichever accidental you use, you could stay in that position and it would be a key change.