Besides the obvious "Just do it" method, which I'm actually working on, is their anything I can do to help get it down? I'm trying to learn some Rise Against, and mostly I'm tripping up on Survive's main riff where it has very fast PM'd chords. Their are other RA songs though that I'm having issues with... My downstroke is great for Metallica, Megadeth, etc but it's hard as hell to keep downstroking chords, so I'm thinking of learning to play them down & up. I've been using the exact same technique as when I do trem picking on just the low E, but I've widened the range of the wrist motion to hit 2 or 3 strings as opposed to 1. I attempted to do less of a Thrashy trem-picking motion and more of just a fast Chord strumming motion, but it is impossible to mute when I'm strumming > Halp please?
It's just practice man. You do it as you said first, same mostion as tremolo picking but with a wider range.
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