I'm curently trying to find a new Wah pedal. Been reading reviews on various ones but struggling to find one that does everything i want for the right price.

I currently have a Morey Wah i got cheap on ebay but i dont like the sweep and is very twangy, i have tried a basic Crybaby out as well but but they both lack in options, just click on and off so i struggle to fine tune them to work with my other sounds.

I need somthing where i can adjust the eq and volume of the pedal, i also need be able to adjust the depth of the wah. I will be using the wah with distortion and overdrive pedals (Ibanez TS9 and Electro Harmonixs Tone Wicker) mainly for solos.

i'd like to get somthing for around £100 that also has a nice sweep and true bypass. I dont mind getting somthing used of ebay if need be.

i like John Squire's sound for wah (guiatrist from the stone roses) although i think he uses a Crybaby? seems to be about 50 different verions of that pedal so dont know where to start?

Got no idea how to mod pedals or intrested in it so need somthing that works straight from the box.

Can anyone recommend anything?

the Dunlop 535q is a decent wah. it has a knob that allows you to change the eq.

i dont really care for it personally, it doesn't give me that punchy wah sound i like. i prefer the crybaby classic. it is perfect for getting that eric clapton/hendrix sound. depends on if u like ur wah to be dirty (think clapton) or smooth and clean (vai)
The 535Q is pretty good, but if you can stretch to it the MXR Custom Audio Electronics wah is really versatile and true bypass (the 535 isn't)
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