So I acquired this "pedal" from some people cleaning out the basement of an old house, and this was given to me:

I know right? WTF is that thing?
Well from research it's from the 70's and used for a piezo pickup on an acoustic guitar...
But who plays that junk these days? Let's throw it in front of an amp!
Before I describe the sound, It's made in USA, and upon opening it, it had flawless, high quality components, 2 hidden "trimmer" pots (which one of their values were 3.5 Meg, and the Gain knob is a 2 Meg pot, how strange.)
I hooked it up between my 87' 30 watt Washburn amp with a 12" Peavey Scorpion Ultra speaker, and an 86' Charvel model 4 with a Dimarzio Megadrive.
On a clean setting, It only "pushed" the clean.
So, I decided to add some of the amps overdrive, I noticed it added an extra kick to it, and my amp is sensitive to tonal changes, despite it being solid state.
With some overdrive and the knob almost cranked on the pedal, it's got a very nice vintage warmth to it, and with the guitar's volume rolled back, it cleans up very well and naturally, sensitive to pick attack, and very tube like.
So then I turned the overdrive on the amp and the Gain on the pedal wide open.
And wow, it added a really mean fuzz like growl with a ton of sustain, I was impressed.
Though this pedal is a one trick pony, and I've never dealt with using a "boost" on overdrive settings, I'm fairly pleased by the range of sounds I can get from this vintage piece. (:
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Sweet score man. I'd be stoked to hear how it sounds for doing what its designed to do as well.

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Cool score man.
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My first thought would be it's made in the USA. How odd. You just don't see that anymore.

Piezo pickups are still common, so you may find a use for that preamp someday.