Does anybody know of any kind of free drum plugin for logic? I had a copy of Superior Drummer that i Torr-I mean Acquired! But I couldn't get the CD keygen to work. Does anybody have anything they could recommend I could download (for mac) that would work for a drum plugin? I'm not super picky about making it sound PERFECT, I just need some way to get some sound ideas down to share with my band mates.
Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give!!
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logic has tons of virtual drum kits built in. If you not picky about your sound use them, as they're hell-of-ah good anyway
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Kontakt Player with the free Factory Selection works with Logic and is pretty decent.

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Logic has Ultrabeat which has a number of drum sounds in it. If you don't like those sounds all you need are samples to load into Ultrabeat or another of Logic's samplers.