I, sir, can help you! I recently found out the chords and they sound about right...

Intro: C, G, Am, F, Bb x2 C (Up an octive) and then C (normal)

C, G, Am, F, Bb (do that for a while)
Now I know I'm not the sort
Of guy who'll sit and talk 'bout school
It's true

And I know it seems unplanned
With my piano here at hand
But I've got something I want to ask you

And if I had a pound for every
Time you turned me down,
I'd have one pound fifty
In my bank account right now.
The world can see
Bb G C
We're not that different, you and me
So let's get together, show the world
How different we can be,
oh oh oh

(repeat intro)
And I know that in the past
Your answer's no when I have asked
But still,
Hope springs eternal
That one day you'll feel maternal
And there's a hold within your sould that I can fill.
So I'll ask again if you will go out with me
Even though I know deep down what the answer's gonna be

(F, G, Bb, G, C, G, F thing again)
My girl until we die,
If I kill a man be my alibi
But please just let me know
Tell me yes or no,
oh oh oh

(repeat into)