Dear internet,

I wrote this somewhat okay-ish song this morning, but the last section of it is currently bending me over a couch because I have no idea what to do with the last section of the song (you'll know when you get there). Usually I'd just add some more instrumentation, but since I'm recording in a college dorm room, using amplified instruments--or a drum kit--is completely out of the question. As it is, I just have some ideas I pulled from my back-pocket in there, and I would absolutely LOVE if someone could tell me what I can do to make the song shine!

Thanks for your help! I have the lyrics posted too, if anyone is into that kinda thing

It's called "The House with No Walls", and it's at the top of my profile. http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/SchmifftyFive/

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Sounds really good to me...maybe try adding a fast, slightly distorted solo-lick to the last section, when you can, but I don't think there's really something "missing".