Dear members,

Yesterday when I walked past my local junk shop I bought an amp that looked ​​me very similar to the 1975 Fender Bassman (top) for no money: the Pearl 7100 pb Buffalo ( suspect this amp is built in the early '70). At home i played some Buchanan and fell in love immediately ( my guitar is an Ibanez RG ).

My question: does anyone knows this brand, has anyone any experience with this amp? Currently I have my Bose speakers "Bose Companion 3 Series II" connected to it, with which I am very pleased. However, since I already use this one for other applications I'm still looking for a suitable cabinet ... any tips? I play mostly at home and hope to maintain an authentic sound really..

here are some pictures ( not for sale, just to show you guy's the amp ) http://audio-tv-foto.marktplaats.nl/versterkers-en-receivers/501698315-pearl-buffalo-pb-1700.html?return=eJwtjMEKwjAQRP%2Bl0B7bJKWXlCDVqz8RmkhCk2bJblEU%2F90Vvb03M4zVUr%2BiFjNqOUndoLd1DXMgAj0MWwG%2F99nWjSBZS9jvafhNeghweiQjO4eGSjsush3PiRieERjx5vCfwjcVDJmLZT%2Byr3Fl3e6swHeJpWBkUx3AYUQHBWktzhs1KXW5NvP7A3wQNkA%3D&df=1&fta=eNotkU1uxCAMhe%2FCYtZgCMkYzarbqlcY8dtGzUzQkGmjVr17DWT38Yz9rGeLI%2F4WnJA9H8v1yy6FmYLjGdm%2BXMQplMu2ojDLhj9zNiWFQq%2B8ITe3jPfnLT5mbz6%2FMUf7WMxaZoRTzs8LP%2BW1bH4N8QIDwMtrHauQZfsemZlpSEGJbA7NTwIgk%2B4clFJpJ3AOJteAJzVUSMCtr%2BC1l7CL4DW3wRM4kej7HoSzk1QkRMktdROMKvEDvDw3kCnZBqC16jCoSBAcRMerohOk1CCOY1cc57p6Okh%2BaMo0aegwpvGAqZeGNMgONKmD8M1dKx99AxmOdinaZCrJof4JXIS%2BswadDuDHGsL67sUn3tqHBNBNQQZXoxSU6rZmG8p1iff37aOmralAJ73Z%2FVoPQJkHHCcSKXb7zczbgV%2FMWOT4%2B%2Ff3D1QRpNw%3D&fta_ind=10&fs=1

Thanks for your comments!
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How do you have it connected to the Bose? You might be damaging the amp right now. Also., does that thing only have 3 tubes?

There are tons of cabs out there, but without hearing the amp it is hard to tell what would be right, but anything with Celestion V30's or G12's would sound good.
thank you for your reply! actually it's a solidstate mosfet, a transistor clone of the Fender Bassman 135... http://www.harmonycentral.com/products/125361

it's just connected with a jack...but how will this damage anything? ok the thing is extremely loud, therefor i'm thinking on a deadman's handle will keep an eye on these Celestion's! should i just bring the amp to my local shop to hear what's best?
Oh, I thought I saw a few tubes in that back picture lol.

If it was a tube amp, having an incorrect load from the output of the amp can cause damage to the Output Transformer, but being it is SS, you are probably fine.

That would be the best option, just bring it in and set it up to some cabs, making sure to match impedence. Dont under estimate 2x12 cabs either, when I had a mid 70's Bassman, I preffered a handbuilt 2X12 with 2 G12's in it, as opposed to the Bassman 4x10 and my Marshall 1960A. You could also try looking locally, usually people wont have a problem if you want to test a cab they are selling, especially if it leads to the sale!
ok cool, that's some nice gear btw! was thinking on a handbuilt actually but i try to keep the costs as low as possible since i'm a student and this beauty costs me only 15 euro's