Dear members,

Yesterday when I walked past my local junk shop I bought an amp that looked ​​me very similar to the 1975 Fender Bassman (top) for no money: the Pearl 7100 pb Buffalo ( suspect this amp is built in the early '70). At home i played some Buchanan and fell in love immediately ( my guitar is an Ibanez RG ).

My question: does anyone knows this brand, has anyone any experience with this amp? Currently I have my Bose speakers "Bose Companion 3 Series II" connected to it, with which I am very pleased. However, since I already use this one for other applications I'm still looking for a suitable cabinet ... any tips? I play mostly at home and hope to maintain an authentic sound really..

here are some pictures ( not for sale, just to show you guy's the amp ) http://audio-tv-foto.marktplaats.nl/versterkers-en-receivers/501698315-pearl-buffalo-pb-1700.html?return=eJwtjMEKwjAQRP%2Bl0B7bJKWXlCDVqz8RmkhCk2bJblEU%2F90Vvb03M4zVUr%2BiFjNqOUndoLd1DXMgAj0MWwG%2F99nWjSBZS9jvafhNeghweiQjO4eGSjsush3PiRieERjx5vCfwjcVDJmLZT%2Byr3Fl3e6swHeJpWBkUx3AYUQHBWktzhs1KXW5NvP7A3wQNkA%3D&df=1&fta=eNotkU1uxCAMhe%2FCYtZgCMkYzarbqlcY8dtGzUzQkGmjVr17DWT38Yz9rGeLI%2F4WnJA9H8v1yy6FmYLjGdm%2BXMQplMu2ojDLhj9zNiWFQq%2B8ITe3jPfnLT5mbz6%2FMUf7WMxaZoRTzs8LP%2BW1bH4N8QIDwMtrHauQZfsemZlpSEGJbA7NTwIgk%2B4clFJpJ3AOJteAJzVUSMCtr%2BC1l7CL4DW3wRM4kej7HoSzk1QkRMktdROMKvEDvDw3kCnZBqC16jCoSBAcRMerohOk1CCOY1cc57p6Okh%2BaMo0aegwpvGAqZeGNMgONKmD8M1dKx99AxmOdinaZCrJof4JXIS%2BswadDuDHGsL67sUn3tqHBNBNQQZXoxSU6rZmG8p1iff37aOmralAJ73Z%2FVoPQJkHHCcSKXb7zczbgV%2FMWOT4%2B%2Ff3D1QRpNw%3D&fta_ind=10&fs=1

Thanks for your comments!