on the carvin I just got theres a wilkinson Vs100 two point trem and sperzels. I think I have it setup all wrong and I need your guys knowledge on them as Ive never worked with wilkinsons before.

usually with strat trems I loosen the springs so it "floats" above the body so I can get a springier vibrato and easier pitch bends out of it, and on a strat it stays in tune as well as it ever will after some work.

can I do this on the wilkinson? or should I be moving the height of the posts? or should It be flat to the body or what? im not really sure how to set this up at all, and no amount of googling has yielded me any results.

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i think you should be able to do that with the wilky, too.

alternatively you could maybe raise the action at the pivot posts (loosen strings first) and have it float like that, parallel to the guitar's top, too.

EDIT: to clarify, I don't have a vs100, so don't quote me on that
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