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I started playing a couple of months ago using my Mum's old acoustic (which still sounds pretty good despite being made in the summer of 69). However, the reason I started playing was to learn how to play classical guitar. I'm looking to get a good solid classical guitar that I can learn on. I just got a £200 rebate from the electricity board and I'm planning on adding Christmas money to that, so I have a good fighting fund. I've heard good things about Alvarez and Yamaha classical guitars but I'm not hugely clued up on them. Can anyone offer me some good advice on any brands or what I should be looking out for when I go to buy?

Yamaha is a safe choice, their CG range is what you should be looking at. (You want a 'solid top' guitar, so not the CG101A.)

Others you might consider would be Alhambra, and Martinez (not to be confused with Santos Martinez). But Yamaha should be your default choice.

If there's a Classical Guitar Society near you, it might be worth your while to contact them.

Be certain you do want to play a classical guitar before buying. Steel string acoustics are more popular.
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^He means classical guitar as in the playing style, in addition to the guitar type.

Be sure to get a teacher. With classical guitar, it's too easy to pick up wrong habits and techniques. I'd be screwed if it wasn't for my teacher.
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