Okay, so I've asked this about your basic chorus/flanging devices, but I've decided that they just don't work the way I need 'em to.

I know vibrato pedals are very similar to chorus pedals, but they don't mix a clean signal in IIRC. Would one sound any better in my rig in front of my amp with heavy distortion?
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By "don't work the way I need 'em to" I meant they aren't present enough overall when I switch them on. I basically want an effect in the realm of modulation that won't get hidden by my amp's distortion. I was looking at tremolo pedals as well.

Just a few examples of effects I like are:

...And some stuff by Creedence with a trem pedal that I can't seem to recall.

I know this is all pretty different stuff, but I need something. I'm currently using an EHX Flanger Hoax (lots of hiss, volume cut, and it's really complicated to get set right), a Boss BF-2 (no depth at all, even in the loop, and a pretty slow maxed rate speed) and an EHX XO Electric Mistress (best of the 3, but I don't own it; it's either too subtle or making this obnoxious phaser/thru zeroish sound).

I'd like to avoid straight phasers, because I'm planning on getting a Chicago Ironworks Parachute wah kit and those are pretty frickin' phasery already.

I was also looking at univibe-ish pedals, they sound alright. Thoughts?
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okay. your first link is a univibe effect. second is probably an ehx electric mistress (at least that's what andy summers typically used for a chorus effect, even though it's john mayer playing). third sounds like a subtle flanger with manual all the way up. and fourth sounds like a setting on my old paul gilbert flanger.

so you've got a bf-2 and you're not happy with it because it doesn't go fast enough and it's not deep enough? i have an hf-2 (hi band flanger - more sweet and doesn't have that seasick octave down thing at the end of the sweep like the bf-2 has) from 1986 and i really like it. plenty of depth even when depth is at 1 o'clock. with the manual rolled back it'll give you nice swirly chorus flange, and with the manual rolled up it gives you the background jet swish without chorus-ifying your notes up too much.

but yeah for your first example, you'll want to get a univibe.
I'm not really worried about which to get, so much as which will work the best in front of my distorted amp. I've read that some guys gets some good results with uni-vibes in front of distortion, but I have nothing to base that on...

Just saw a video about the HF-2... Does it sit well with heavy distortion after it? What about humbuckers?
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Anything Stoner/Doomish. I'm not into Djent, or any *core genre, but there's a lot of distortion involved anyway. Probably not much heavier than the 3rd to last clip up top. I actually found a BBE Soul Vibe for $40. The seller says it sounds best before the distortion, but I'm hesitant because I'm afraid it'll sound so much like the Parachute Wah. The Parachute is gonna cover a HUGE frequency range...

I'm curious about trem effects because I don't hear them very often. I think one of the only places I've heard personally them was the aforementioned CCR. I figured set right they might sound cool with what I'm playing.

***I'm also pretty sure the 3rd clip is using a phaser.
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