I've been swamped by the endless seeming range of possibilities online and so eventually decided it best to seek help from ultimate guitar.
All I'm looking is a fairly decent and reasonably priced soundcard to hook a mixer up to my laptop, because-as I'm well aware- the internal soundcard on a laptop is failed. If anyone could offer any enlightenment on this matter I'd be totally appreciative, really. My inferior knowledge has delayed me recording anything for months now and it's really getting me down

Thanks I have a Numark DM X06 mixer: http://www.numark.com/dxm06
Output could be either a 3.5mm, 1/4 inch jack or phono dependent on variations on adaptors and whatnot
It's hard to say man, I dunno if you should be looking for a new soundcard. The way I do my mixing is with a usb mixer, an M-audio fast track pro, and then use software from there. Normally I wouldn't suggest that because you already have the mixer, but since you want to buy a new soundcard why not use the money to buy the fast track instead?
All I want is good quality recordings man. I had a look at the M-audio Fast Trach pro, and it has mic inputs- I'm unsure as to whether I could find an adaptor to hook up the mixer to it:S
No worries, the fast track takes 1/4" inputs and the fast track pro takes 1/4" and XLR. I'd say get the basic fast track and save some money unless you want midi inputs and all that jazz.
Ah, after paying better attention to the specs. I finally noticed the TRS input on the fast track pro. I think I may just go for the the fast track though, I don't need anything too elaborate- just something to record. Thanks Dude
i would recommend something that has at least 2 channels of input and can take balanced (xlr)/unbalanced (ts).

focusrites are great
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