I'm having trouble writing lyrics that are catchy and clever, something that you remember. Occasionally one will pop into my head, like "She was on the phone/ talking to unknown", which I never ended up using, but I want to be able to summon these lyrics at will. Possible?
i dont think thats a clever lyric, read a lot, escape from the relationship stories or partys things
If you're not a clever person, there is no way to 'become this'.
It is, however, quite possible that you occasionally come up with catchy ideas.

My best advice would to be constantly carry a notebook with you, and get used to the fact that, even from the few ideas you get, most of them never will be used. Nontheless, one day you might think of the line of your life, or tie together remnents of lyrics parts to build your own 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.

Please let me keep this memory, just this one ..
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i guess it helps to be clever

we cant help you be creative but
reading alot,watching movies,going out

anything that gives you experiences can become good lyirics
but most importantly practice
My trick for writing lyrics and music in general is to use the recorder and/or notepad on my phone. Whenever I think of a catchy tune either for a lyric or just a melody, I sing it into my recorder so later on I can either translate it onto guitar or put music to it and build up more lyrics around it. This way you make sure you don't lose any good ideas and those that you thought were good you can revisit and choose what you want to keep or delete. Even just putting down a thought you had that you can later turn into a lyric is useful, as stupid as it might sound.
I'm not sure much can be done unless you have a true non-forced ability but I think that with practice you'll get better at writing lyrics.

Also, try to keep away from the generic relationship thing.

Also try to use metaphors, and it often helps to have the subjects of the metaphor be strange, ethereal, supernatural, etc. It helps add a kind of mysteriousness to it. i.e. stuff like angels, demons, souls, minds, hearts, etc.

And feel free to make the lyrics a bit obscure and sometimes it helps to give lyrics more controversial subject matter.