I'm dreaming up a stereo rig that will consist of:

2 mesa single rectifiers
two 4x12 mesa rectifier cabs
Line 6 DL4
ISP decimator G string Rackmount stereo

I need at least the following channel options at the press of one button:

Both amps clean with the Dl4 delay
Both amps distorted with no FX
Both amps distored with the Dl4 delay (for leads)

Now its the channel switching part that's the tricky part.

Is it possible to use the Voodoo labs GCX audio switcher and ground control pro to achieve this?

If not, what other options are out there?
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this is why you have midi modules installed in amps, so you can do exactly like you're talking about, it allows you to control everything on your amp with midi signals

it looks like the GCX can loop up any effects you want, which is convenient, but it doesn't look like it can control switching unless your mesa's have a midi module built in (i can't remember if they come with one or not).
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Why would you have a stereo set-up with two of the same amp?

i try to diversify as much as possible myself, but i find it is pretty common to find people who want to run the exact (or very similar) amps in a stereo setup.

i can appreciate the fact that it does cover a larger projection area (especially when you set them up on either side of stage) and gets you heard better and fills in the mix more, but i like equipment diversification more than running two of the same amp.

my extended amp setup is something like:

-orange OR50H/JTM45 clone (British 50 watt A/B tone) with orange ppc212 (w/ weber speakers)
-THD bivalve (class A, boutique tone) with 1x12 (w/ eminence 1228K)
-music man 115-65 (hybrid, american) with 15" eminence squareback

this covers most of my bases, and i get a little of everything.
punk isn't dead, it's always smelled that way.

"A perfection of means, and confusion of aims, seems to be our main problem."
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why not run the same recto into 2 cabs?

and Im pretty sure you want 2 RJM Mini Amp gizmos and a Voodoo labs ground control pro/ GCX Audio switcher

Actually, if you didnt use anything of the other switchable features on the rectos, and just wanted channel switching, you probably could get away with a single GCX, and planning your loops very carefully.
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Well it will sound way better with 2 of the same amps.. But its very expensive and pretty much not worth it unless you have no budget. I would much rather have a single amp that costs 2-3 times a single rec than 2 with all the midi stuff and GCX.
i will sometimes run in stereo. i do it with either one or two cabs. i have a 4x12" with two V30's and two K85's in an X pattern and run the nitro through the V30's and the Promod through the K85's. wired up into two jacks, one for each amp.

or i will take my mesa cab with the nitro and place it on one side of the stage and promod in a Randall cab that has two t75's and and 1x15" nitro.

i don't always, but i do in some venues.


to the people who are saying why would the TS do it with the same amp, a good reason is to have the EQ's dialed in somewhat differently for example one more scooped and the other with a significant amount of mids. thats more useful with a one guitar band.
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See, I would contrast with a brighter more percussioney amp like the XXX. That would be cool. Or maybe something uber-neutral like a Bassman.
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Get an Axe FX. You'll get both of your mesas, and more delay than you need.

All joking aside, I honestly don't think you need to have delay on both amps. Go for a classic Wet/Dry setup. One amp with the delay, and one without the delay (or effects other than the OD, or amp distortion). You will get a nice sound that still sounds full, but still able to cut, even if you pile the delay on.
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