So here's the deal. I live upstairs in an apartment but I still want to use my gear. I can use it at a pretty minimal volume and that's fine for just playing but I'd like to be able to record with it too.

I was curious if anyone has ever built a 2x12 Iso cab that actually works well and if so could you post how you did and what is needed to do so?
Iso cabs are 1x12 from every one that makes them. This is probably to prevent speaker blead through while micing.
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Just build a box big enough for your 2x12, mic it up, then fill it with polyfiller.....
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you would essentially need to build a box inside a box with vibration absorbing material in between the two boxes
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I would think that you could mount a 12 in an isolated cab (box within a box) with a 1/4 inch input so you could just run a lead from the amp to the cab when you wanted to record. As long as you use the correct ohm rating this should allow you to have a much smaller box than something that would have to isolate a whole 2x12, while still allowing you to mess with amp settings and drive the speaker as hard as you reasonably can.
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Putting the speaker in a box will change the way it sounds. It might be cheaper and better if you just want to record and practice to use an amp modeller to electronically get the sound you want. I know they aren't perfect but then the iso-box won't be either. A box with a single skin will only cut the volume by a few dB anyway. If you go ahead then also think about puting the box on spikes to isolate it from the floor.