I used to be a dreadnought guy, but i recently flashed on this shape:
This is obviously not a dreadnought, neither a parlor or a triple O. I really dig these, are they any similarly shaped for less thyen 400$?
the first one, the taylor GS, is pretty much a mini jumbo. those have big lower bouts the size of a dread but the shape of a jumbo. you can get a seagull mini jumbo for a few bucks less than $400, but it won't be acoustic electric - just acoustic. on the other hand, you can always add an aftermarket pickup. the finish isn't to my taste, but these sound pretty good http://www.zzounds.com/item--SEAENTRGERMJ

also check out the takamine NEX shape guitars. there are some acoustic electrics in your price range. i prefer the seagull myself, but you might find something ya like.
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