I'm looking for a good true-bypassed Wah for less than $150. I am willing to go used. I live 30 minutes from St.Paul/Minneapolis MN. I manly play classic rock, blues, jazz, hard rock, and the occasional grunge/metal song. The other guitarist in my band has a Dunlop Classic Crybaby, and while I like it a lot I would like something a little bit different so we could get a little bit of a different sound. Thanks in advance
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Dunlop has a Jerry Cantrell Crybaby, which has alot more variety in sounds. I'd get that if I didn't already have a regular Crybaby.
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Dude check it out GuitarCenter's used listings online. I got my Vox V847 wah that way for like a third of the price and the thing was in perfect condition when I got it.