I have been searching and reading older posts but have not found all my answers. I am getting ready to repaint a guitar for a friend and am looking for some advice. The guitar is an older Kramer that he bought to paint up in the 5150 style. He would like a nice factory finish on it. I have a compressor and new paint guns that i have been waiting on a project to try them out on (HVLP and a HVLP mini). I was originally going to use duplicolor spray cans for the project but wanted a hard, durable finish that i didnt have to wait 6months or more to wetsand and polish out to a shine. So now I am looking to use the mini gun and some 2k auto paint and clear.

1- can i use the duplicolor for the color coats and go over it with 2k clear?

2- if not, would i have to get 2k colors along with the clear. Would it be a bc/cc type finish or glossy 2k auto paint with a 2k clear.

Sorry for the noob questions but I have never used spray equiptment before and havent found much on painting guitar using auto finishes. Thanks, Kevin
where would you get automotive body paint? I assume autozone or pep boys, etc. do not carry this. would I have to go to an autobody store?
There are a few stores in the area that sell automotive paints. I am going to go by one evening after work and talk to the guys there and get some prices. How much paint will i need? I would guess that a pint of each should be enough, though I am not sure if they sell that little.