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Vox AC30C2
3 27%
Orange TH30
8 73%
Voters: 11.
Title says it all, which amp do you think is better? more versatile? I need a versatile amp for playing anything from jazz to metal
Wrong forum, but the Orange can do metal, whereas the Vox can't without a distortion pedal.

They're both excellent amps, though.
Even if this were the right forum, it's an insane question. It's like asking "Which are better, Strats or Les Pauls?" It's the archetypal jangle amp against one that always sounds like there's a blanket over the cab (in a good way).
Money beats soul every time.

Money beats soul...every time.

Money...beats soul...every...goddamn...time.
I love my vox <3
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Not only does this thread belong elsewhere, there shouldn't even be vs. threads.

Neither of those amps suit metal very well, although the Vox has excellent cleans.
Quote by JustRooster
Orange can't do jazz.

AC30 can't do metal.
Hence why versus threads aren't a good way to get help on an amp choice.
There are better options for TS than either of these amps.

But he should take it to the GG+A forum to get better replies.
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