Hey, I was at a local hardwood store and I found some Cocobolo but its 7" wide, 2" thick and quite long. I was thinking of buying 2 18-20" long pieces of it and glueing it together then adding a flame maple bookmatched top to it. Then my dad commented that since I mentioned that it was so heavy to lift, it would just snap right in half, and then we got in a debate on how it would/wouldn't. I'm here asking... Would it actually snap even if I glued everything with Titebond III Ultimate?

Also. What type of sound would I get out of it, Adding some PAF's, a Mahogany shaft and rosewood fretboard neck?

And Yes. I know people have probably only seen it as tops. But depending on what you know, what do you think a body with a maple top would sound like?

Kind poster, I would recommend googling this or even hitting up wikipedia... You might find some quick answers there.
It will not split if you start with good material and the build quality is up to spec. Some very custom guitars and basses have been made from Cocobolo and they weigh a freaking ton. You might want to post this in the Gear Building and Customizing Forum. You'll likely run into a few people who have built instruments from Cocobolo wood.

How would it sound with a maple top? Probably pretty shrill unless you do it just right and pick the right pickups.
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