Sounds pretty good. Definitely has a Rise Record vibe. I really like my snare to be prevalent in the mix, but I think you've got it a bit too loud.

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Mix sounds really good man! Very good job! Does indeed sound very Rise. I liked the music too
@Matrix: I feel ya on the snare, it'll be going down a bit for sure once there are vocals. I also want to make the reverb/room a lot more prominent on the snare hits. And yep, S2.0!

@Ben: Thanks a lot man! If you want to check the band out, you can add them at http://www.facebook.com/BeforeTheDreamer. They're recording two full songs this weekend so I'm sure one of them will be released soon!
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The room sound of the kick, is super distracting in the intro. I'd have a go with dance samples in the intro, it needs that clicky high hate line before the "real drums" come in.

Guitars sounds good, would like some more low in the bass, but that's not really a rise thing.

Needs to be slate on those drums to man.

ps - good use of that intitial vanguard preset haha.