Well, i post some comments at your track with my soundcloud account, i really like it, i have some ambient stuff, wanna listen?
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That sounded awesome. Do you still have the stock pups in the RG?

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Quote by Zacky_Gates
That sounded awesome. Do you still have the stock pups in the RG?

I replaced the bridge for an evo 7, but the neck is stock.
Nice tone you got there. I dug it exept it gets quite repetitive, not much of a structure to the song, but then again it is a soundtrack. Nice playing throughout though, drums fit well too. Definately could be used as a soundtrack for a game or movie.

When you have a moment can you check out my ambient alt rock tune here https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1495657

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loving the ambient vibes here, this type of music really makes you think. It's like time is standing still and your staring into the abyss.

I think you should add strings to bring more depth in the track. It seems like its building up to something but it never does. Great track! do you plan on writing more ?

Will you critique this song I'm working on?

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Sounded pretty good. The melody tone was a bit too bright for me against the soft background and mellow drums. I liked the distant sounding drums.

If you are doing the C4C please check my link at the bottom and pick one to review. I have an ambient tune called Dark Wave in there. It suffered from a "too bright" guitar tone as well but mine was done with a looper and single track so I'm stuck with what I got.