Hey, I was trying to play this song from tommy emmanuel: bella soave, but I can't get good tabs anywhereg20 irons (i have multiple tabs for this song already) and the music is so fast i can't exactly separate the different notes anymore. So does anybody have good tabs?

Thanks in advance!
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You could have a go at it and tab the song out yourself -> Guitar Pro is probably the best tool for this (if you haven't gotten around to working with the program, now's your chance: you'll be glad you did it)

I'd recommend to check out the video of him playing it: sure, it's in a different key compared to the album version, but visual aid is priceless when learning to play new songs. You can easily transpose the song once tabbed out in guitar pro (as of now you'll need a capo, of course)

Now, as you can tell it's in 3/4, so count along in your head (or if it helps, out loud): ONE, two, three, ONE, two, three... Doing so will help you figure out how far apart the notes are (getting the timing right is key to learning songs: if you throw your notes out at random spots you'll have a VERY hard time...). Start off with the bass notes only (you know, the ones he plays with his thumb or whatever). In the intro for instance there's like 8 of these notes: 1 per bar

Once you're finished you'll basically have the "template" for this wonderful 2 minute song, which will make it ahelluva lot easier for you. Now my next move, and this is just me, would be to tackle all the chords at this point, such as the ones in the aforementioned intro. Not only are they easier than the fingerstyle bits: they'll also give you an idea of which notes are likely to be played once he replaces them with the virtuoso stuff

And so finally there's the difficult sh*t, which of course has to be handled bit by bit (and with lots of video pausing). It doesn't matter if it takes you 6 months or if you can only play the stuff you hear at 1/10th the speed: learning songs this way will surely help you improve as a player. But once again -> it's more important at first to figure out WHAT you should be playing before actually having a go at it, so grab yer guitar and try recreating the stuff you see and hear (don't play the bass notes yet as you're tabbing this stuff out: that's a later concern and you already have those notes sitting comfortably in your tab anyways)

If you still can't figure out how some parts are exactly played you can at least try getting as close as possible by playing chords differently or opting for a different strings or fingerings: there's nothing wrong with "cheating" -> you can always try to get it exactly right later on, I for one find it way more fun to learn as much of the song as possible before going back to the parts I couldn't play (as opposed to knowing only the first half of a song for months because you're stuck at 1 particular bit)

...and finally, if you're still having trouble with some parts you can always come back to UG and ask for advice. Cheers

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