Hi guys,
Been experimenting with kill switches. I have a mini arcade switch (push to make) which I have fitted where the tone knob usually is on my Tele copy. Instead of wiring it the usual way (push to ground the signal) I wanted to do it the opposite way, so that when you push the button, it connects the signal. I have installed a pull/push volume knob, so that when I pull it up, there is no signal. I hit the button and voila.... I find it easier as you hit the button at the same time as you would pick. I was just wondering if there was a way to combine the normal kill switch with the reverse? eg when the volume pot is down, press the button and it kills the sound. Pull it up, press the button and it makes the sound. Have been playing around but no joy, because it grounds the signal both ways. Anyone clever know how/if this could be done??


Hey dude, yeah it can be done, I have been making a killswitch pedal recently, the Morse Device. This is in a guitar yeah? If you just wanted it to be on when the killswitch is pressed you need a normally open momentary switch (NO = normally open, NC = normally closed), just wire it like usual. If you want to have a latching switch that changes the killswitches polarity you will need a DPDT momentary switch, and a DPDT (or a SPDT would do) latching swith. You wire it so that the latching switch comes first, and this toggles the momentary switches open/closed status. The latching switch would be excellent if you used a toggle, and a push button momentary. You wire it like this - noting that the left DPDT is the latching, the right is the momentary (although it could be either way around making no difference):
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