I'm looking for some advice- I'm planning to put together a fender style guitar using a kit online. The kit is £100 including pick ups, controls bridges etc. could anyone give me some guidelines, some good kits to buy, any upgrades I should make like pick ups etc?


I've been reading up on these guys, but admittedly, I don't know if they ship internationally or not, and I haven't bought one yet... but they're definately in your price range..

My experience with a "Saga" Kit for a Strat... The Machine Heads are junk, but the kit fit together tight, and I think it sounds and plays great... I woulnd't compare it to a USA Fender, mind you, but for the money, It's a great guitar..
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i got one of the gfs explorer kits and i love it. it all fit nicely and it sounds decent for the price. just upgrade pickups and hardware and you have a pretty good instrument.
Wicked, ill look into GFS then. What sort of pick-ups did you choose by the way and how do you find them?
BYOguitars make decent kits. I built a PRS copy from one of theirs - pickups and hardware leave something to be desired, but I upgraded everything and now it's my main player.

They tend to offer different shapes than those offered by GFS too, so it's worth checking out. Pretty reasonably priced too.
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i just used some of the gfs humbuckers. they sound really good and they are not super expensive.