I am looking for one, do you guys know a good one?

I am playing guitar for 7 years now and I thought it would be a good idea to get some depth in my playing My theory knowledge is next to nothing only really basic stuff so....
How about Music Theory for Dummies?
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Searched there but nothing came up.

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Unless its electronic drums.

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How about Music Theory for Dummies?

i'd buy that.
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...well you did ask GG&A

chords and theory for guitarists (something like that) by david mead is not bad, though for some reason that probably made sense to him but which isn't immediately apparent to anyone else (or me, at least) it's all in C, iirc.

the complete idiot's guide to music theory is actually pretty good (though there are a couple of mistakes in there, so it helps if you're not completely clueless going in).
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