Hey im looking to set up a psychobilly / rockabilly / punkabilly band with bits of blues / country etc. Looking for anyone really also looking to have a visual aspect to the band. Theres a few people involved who have been in different style bands over the years and want to start something fairly original and also what the music scene seems to be lacking at the minute – a band with a stage show and presence.

We take influences from old rock n roll, EAP, Cash, etc but have love for hard rock, Punk, ska and psychobilly looking for people who are enthusiastic, reliable and up for gigging and touring + making merch etc. Want to gig and record and tour and see how far we can go, no one wants to work forever!

Looking for someone 18-30, who are into the usual things music, tattoos, horror, bit o burlesque and drinking!

So if any one is interested let me know and we can get cracking!

Cheers and Beers Jack