hey everyone,

Sort of having a bit of a dilemna

I have an ibanez SR405, it has some standard ibanez pickups, which I feel really lack body and warmth in the tone. They can be heavy or bright, but really lack good mids, even if I crank the mid control up, it comes out but then is too strong and just does not sound good in the mix.

I have been looking at the EMG 40DC pickups and also the EM40DC and EMG40CS combo that I've read about, they all seem very nice.

This weekend I fiddled with an ibanez BTB705DX which has the EMG 40DC pickups, which sounded heavy have that nice warm snappy sound I've been wanting. It would be one of those nice tones that will punch through nicely I think, but not be way to boomy and heavy to the point where I have to crank my amp to levels that rattle things and drown out everything else.

My question is now, am I better off upgrading the pickups and electronics on my current bass guitar with EMG 40DC pickups or should I buy an ibanez BTB705DX? I'm wondering if a new guitar would contribute anything to the tone or not and if the pickups and electronics alone would be sufficient.

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but yeah, we need to know the amp, and the speaker size, cause that might be your problem and not the bass/pickups. also, did you try the other bass through your amp, or through another one???
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oh sorry forgot to include it. Reason being we did a few jam sessions with different amps and I seem to have the same general problem with two different amps.

At our drummers place, I used what musicians friend calls, the SWR redhead bass head combo link

we went to a rehearsal studio yesterday and they had the Fender Rumble 350 link

the SWR amp was a bit punchier, but I need it to be a bit louder, however this amp seems to distort quite a bit when getting loud. The fender was very heavy, however for high notes to come out properly, I needed to turn the amp up, which tended to be too loud. I could make out parts myself, but I'm trying to imagine if people were to listen to us, it would be a sea of noise to them.

When I tried the ibanez btb 705 at the store, the person at the store hooked me into some hartke amp, I do not remember what the model was, but it seemed like a pretty beastly monster. I didn't get the try this out on any other amps since the store was super busy that day.

Hope that helps.