On ebay someone is selling guitar with cracks, as in title, claims that they are so small that even camera can't capture them..
It seems that they are symmetrical starting in the corner where headstock meets with fingerboard and going down skewed towards the middle of the neck..
(although i'm not sure about that)

Seller is claiming that they are hairline cracks which don't have any influence on the instrument..tune stability, etc..

Neck is made from mahogany and it has satin finish - which means it can't be a finish crack i guess?.

The price of guitar is very attractive so if these cracks are nothing more then just appearance issue then i've got no problem with that..

Problem is I can't really tell... Perhaps you could help?

Thanks so much
Thing about cracks is, they spread. Sometimes they don't but usually, over time and temperature changes, they'll slowly spread out. If you buy the guitar and they do start to spread, it's probably reparable, but I would budget in a possible repair with the price of the guitar to make sure it's still a good deal
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Personally I wouldn't buy anything that had cracks anywhere; put particularly anywhere where there is even the slightest tension from the strings. Might not take much for the cracks to get bigger and the whole thing fall apart.

Hard to say without actually seeing myself, but personally i'd stay away.
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thanks guys for your thoughts...
Yeah, I will probably pass this one..

take care
Sounds like the crack is running down a scarf joint. The seller could be retarded and think that joint is a crack, or it could actually be a crack forming down it. If it did actually break it's a pretty simple repair that any respectable luthier can repair in a few minutes (minus the cure time for the glue).

What guitar is it? If it's that minute and hard to see I would think it's worth getting.
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