Hey guys, I've just stripped the paint from my P bass copy, and have stained the wood, and as a temporary finish (or whatever you'd call it) I coated it in old style furtiture polish.

PROBLEM, I've been getting major belt rash, and the studs on my jeans are tearing into my bass.
I need something clear to put over the wood in the back to protect it. Any ideas?
Polyurethane. . or your could just put duct tape on the back of the guitar, wont get scratched then.

For real, don't use duct tape, masking tape or painters tape might be a practical alternative though.
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Hmm, I've seen that pad before, however, most of the cutting is on the bottom of the bass (where it rests on your leg).
I was thinking along the lines of a really tough laquer or something to put over the top.
The duct tape idea seems a little to rough, I'm after something that looks a little cleaner.

Thanks guys!
There's a product people put on their cars (mostly on the front bumper/fenders/hood). It's clear, protects from scratches/stone chips. If you have a place near you that installs on vehicles, stop by and see if you can get a scrap piece. If it's good enough to stop rocks from chipping through it, should be good enough to protect the rubbing from your belt.
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Old style furniture polish sounds like something with wax and oil in it. That means nothing else will stick to it until you strip the polish off. What exactly did you put on it?
clear vynyl
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