Hello all,

My best friend and bandmate is searching for his "dream guitar" and despite his guitar skill and musicianship, the dude doesn't know jack about what to look for in a guitar. I've built three of my own and done lots of research on various tone woods, electronics, hardware, etc. so I thought I'd give him some advice.

He's only really "owned" one guitar - a pawnshop beater he got when he was 16. Now he plays a really obscure pro-series Ibanez model that must have been discontinued in the early 90s...
Humbucker / Single / Single
Set neck
Floating trem (not Floyd Rose, must be an Ibanez knock off)
Some crazy pushbutton electronics that he's never quite figured out.

He really wants a guitar with HSS and a trem arm, but when I asked if he wanted maple or rosewood fingerboard he wanted to know the differences...you see his/my/our dilemma. He's currently looking at the Godin Progression (runs about $1000 US), but I'm afraid a salesman put it in his hands and he just likes the set up on it. It's got the USB option and I think it's prolly overpriced bc it's got this new feature that's fairly useless in any normal situation.

SO...after all that, here's my question: anybody know any quality guitars with the HSS config and solid hardware (floating trem, locking tuners, etc.) priced around $1K? Doesn't have to be a well-known brand, just looking for alternatives.

Thanks everybody.
...a Charvel Wildcard is about $1300 on their website...it meets all of your specs except for the fact that it has an HS pickup configuration
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ahhh, Charvel was the company I couldn't remember. Thanks MightyBean!

you're welcome, dude!
EDIT: actually, their Wildcard #5 Molten Crust model is a HSS
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I'd definitely check out Jackson or Charvel, as mentioned before. Godin IS nice though, mind. You might want to put some new pups in it if you play heavier rock/metal though, the Godin I tried couldn't handle any gain at all, played nice and seemed put together nicely but the pickups weren't exactly my cup of tea. xD
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Nah, I prefer to tune lower. My tunings usually go into weird Hebrew symbols.
You can also check out ESP -- they've got a cool relic'd ST series.

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