hi all,

I have a budget of £500, I sold my current squier custom tele today and i am guitarless..

Im definitely looking to buy used, £500 maximum (well £600 maybe)..

Styles: Alt rock/punk/math/grunge/indie(?)

Basically something what can handle something like the smiths/stone roses as well as stuff like nirvana or foo fighters and well some math stuff like blakfish..

ALL suggestions welcomed, anything please!
Fender MIM HSS strat new or used is what I'd go for with the given genres and band examples... Should be affordable enough, too.
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agree with the strat HSS suggestion for the styles you mentioned. Of course i prefer having a humbucker at the bridge in any guitar really..

also maybe check out an ibanez S series
used ibanez rga prestige. YOu could probably find it for that price. it has a 5 way and you could do a coil split
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LTD EC-1000, the ones with the JB/59 pickups. Sell the JB and swap it with something more appropriate. Though I think a used American Strat HSS would probably suite the styles better..
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MIM/MIJ Jags or Jazzmasters, there are some great ones out there. Maybe look at the blacktops or the modern player series (no experience with these though...) Also worth looking at a classic player baja tele.