Buy my pedalboard! Digitech Timebender, Polytune, Morley Volume, MI Crunch Box, MXReq

Hey guys, the time has come for me to part with all of this. Want to sell it all together but will entertain offers on specific pedals.

Basically I have a pedalboard I built myself and it has been a dream for using at gigs and practice around here but I am not going to be using it this winter and need the money.

I have:

Digitech Timebender (retails at MF for $300)
TC Electronic Polytune tuner ($100)
Morley Volume Plus Pedal ($85)
MI Crunch Box ($140)
MXR 10-band EQ ($120)

Also included if you buy this bad boy as get the connector cables, the 9V adaptor + extension, power chords and of course I have a power strip on my board. BASICALLY...this thing is ready to go.

I listed the prices of what this stuff retails for on musiciansfriend but I will give you a MUCH better deal on this, not to mention you are getting the cables, 9V adaptor, extensions, etc. that could easily be another $50-100 bucks.

I will get this out the door to you for $500 shipped! How crazy of a deal is this... everything is in 100% working condition, have had no problems whatsoever... and I will give you this fantastic deal if you buy everything at once!

More pictures? No problem. I can do it a lot better(and better quality) via email

Thank you!