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Achy Breaky Heart has been stuck in my head for days. I could not sleep last night because of it.

But don't tell my heart, my achy breaky heart
I just don't think it'd understand
And if you tell my heart, my achy breaky heart
He might blow up and kill this man

Just TRY and listen to it all
lol... the Skyrim theme...
I'm rgrockr and I do not approve of this message.
Cult of Personality - Living Colour.

It's because of CM Punk
I like St. Anger. Ridicule me, daddy
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^ I'm sorry your highness I forgot that I'm subhuman. . .

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Still Alive came on!

So now that, but before that, the Mos Def remix of 6 Days.

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Barbara Ann. The Regents
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Piano dick had some good parts, but should have said "As the business man slowly gets boned", would have accented the whole dick feeling of the album
"Let England Shake" - PJ Harvey

I also cant get this picture of her out of my head...

... For A Pair Of Brown Eyes

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smoke, you get more awesome by the minute..... You have an epic beard, live near woods, listen to metal, grill stuff using makeshift bbqs out of old cans, and now we find out you have stabbed someone in the dick
eve to adam. - If U Are (My Antidote)


Dead Letter Circus - Cage

Both songs I love, so I wasn't upset about them being stuck in my head.
Do you feel warm within your cage?

And have you figured out yet -

Life goes by?
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There's a dick on Earth, too
It's you
Lil Wayne's Grove St. Party Freestyle or Wiz Khalifa- When I'm Gone

281-330-8004, that's my cell phone number, hit me up on the low
The A Team - Ed Sheeran, but recently, I've grown to like Ed Sheeran.
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You'll find whisky very different, but try it and you'll grow into it, soon you and whisky are one, but still two, lovers dancing across a frozen lake under moonlight, wrapped in honey and warmth.

Sums up whisky perfectly
Paradise - Coldplay....

AHHHHHH all I can think of is the "Para para paradise oh-oh-oh" chorus...
Give Me Your Soul and Welcome Home by King Diamond are stuck in my head
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I can't think of anything to put here

Never gonna give you up.

Seriously, I listened to it earlier, and now it's stuck.
This ends now, eat the goddamn beans!
Did you watch the south park episode by any chance..
And the song stuck in my head is Idioteque by Radiohead

God knows why, I haven't listened to Physical Graffiti in quite a while.
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