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You brake in a house and no one is home, they'll be back soon. You have 10 minutes to take a dump in a random spot in the house.

I would take a dump in the darkest corner of the oven so when they go cook something they wouldn't notice the poop until they start to smell it getting heated up.

This seems really familiar...
Anyway, I'd put it in a downward vent in the wall or floor.
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Wow, this is really cool (sarcasm font needed)
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You have a disgusting poop fetish. I suggest you see a shrink before it gets on your hand.
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Food closet, pillows, kitchen countertop, tables, diningroom floor, couches, inside jewelry boxes, ON toilet (not in), sinks, etc.

I haven't thought this all through or anything.
In the bowl of porridge that isn't too hot and isn't too cold, but just right.

/Plan to get back at Goldilocks
A random shoe in the closet. or in the sink

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Then wait until your Mother and your Sister arrive home......
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I agree........But, i like my scenairo better. You break into my home, pull ur pants down to do your little poopy and BLAMMO!!!!!! I blow ur nuts off with my 12 gague
I would walk around there house take their most valuable possessions. After I leave, I then proceed to take a dump in the woods next to their house. Then, I will go home and sell all of my new stollen goods on eBay.

**** this shitting thing.
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I'd shit in the kettle. For the lulz.
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In their shoes, in the ice cream carton, in their hats.
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Hopefully none

Does anyone know any fun recipes?
Yeah a big juicy flank steak

What can be done with tofu?
Nothing it taste like crap

Is there such thing as vegan meat? Vegan sausages ect
Another idea for this would be to chop the piece of shit up with one of their finest knives then place the bits in separate places throughout the house such as vents, oven, fish tank, under their couch, in the computer tower(unless they have a Mac), if they have a Mac then I'll put it into their disk drive.
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Don't think I've ever been sigged.

I pretty much never leave the drug thread anymore.
The youngest child's head
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The fridge. Then I would pee in the master bedroom.

EDIT: Or the cookie jar.
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Yeah, I crashed my car into the house because it wouldn't brake.
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Okay, I'll play along...

Washing machine. But only if it's top loading. If it's front loading I'll have to pick somewhere else, because I can't shit horizontally.

I'd probably **** with them in another way though. Like, look up tentacle porn blow my nose into some tissues and leave them all around the computer.

Maybe make a sandwich and leave the bread and stuff out, drink a beer and leave the bottle, etc. Little things that'll creep them out a bit, but nothing as ****ed up as shitting on something that ought not to be shit on.
It would be hilarious if you masturbated into their shampoo while you're there.
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TS's avatar is how I felt when I read the OP.
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Great Thread. Would Read Again. 10/10.

I'd shit on the ceiling fans and any other fans and then when the family got home I'd turn em all on full blast.

And that's when shit hits the fan. And everywhere else.
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If they have two hamsters, I'll steal one and poop in the cage so they think the one ate the other.
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You brake in a house and no one is home, they'll be back soon. You have 10 minutes

I can't poop under that kind of pressure. I'd rather find all the remotes/controllers/cameras/handhelds/etc I can find, steal the batteries and leave little Post-its inside the compartments that say "thanks! -Abraham Lincoln"

Way more terrifying.


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The toilet, 'cause I'm not a dick (and I'll flush, too, free of charge!)
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Right next to the toilet.

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I find it quite hard to understand you could spell it correctly in the title, but not in the question/situation.

OT: Probably underneath their pillow case. That way when they go to sleep, they'll feel a nice, comfy, squishy matter.
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Why would you poop in their house?

DNA evidence will show that you were there.

Where's Waldo?

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Why would you poop in their house?

DNA evidence will show that you were there.

Not if I steal someone else's poop.
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