Perfect condition, almost brand new Carvin TS-100 power amp. It's been sitting in my rack for about a year in the back of my house, and before that it never left the rack at all. No damage and works great. Sells for $550 direct from carvin. Always sounded good as well. Used with a Mesa Triaxis which is sold.

"From the input jacks to the speaker outputs, the TS100 stereo amplifier incorporates an all-tube signal path. Delivers 50 watts per channel or 100 watts bridged. Each channel can even be independently biased to use EL34, 6L6 (included), or 5881 output tube types. Because the TS100 is so true to its all tube design and performance, it also makes an ideal high power audiophile home entertainment tube power amplifier."


Call or text 619.335.3533. Shipping at buyers expense.

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