Ok lads...I just said my tearfull goodbyes to a pair of sennheiser cx180 earphones...i really liked these reasonably cheap headphones and their bassy sound...but alas they are no more..

I have a very restricted budget, and in terms of what i can buy in my particular city (cork city, ireland) these headphones are what i can afford

-Sony MDRXD200 Hi-Fi Headphones
-Sennheiser HD 201 On-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones.
-Philips SHP2500 Hi-Fi Headphones.

A very important note...ambient noise cancelation/isolation is very important to me as my house and commute tend to be noisy... Now, to put in perspective, the noise isolation found in the buds of my old sennheisers were up to the challenge.

Right...any advice you guys give would be very much appreciated ...please don't recommend other headphones...(these are the best available in MY area for my budget upon scouring the shops)
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The Senn HD201s.

Honestly though, for the price you get them in shops, you'd get the HD202s for less on ebay or amazon.

All Sony headphones I've had have broken on me in a short space of time.

In fact, he same goes for all Sony products I've owned in general.
Sennheiser are excellent. Buy buy buy.
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Sennheisers dude, I'm rocking the 202s and they're awesome.
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I'll look into 202's there.. (if the cost + shipping is much more though i won;t be able to buy them..). I've always loved sennheiser, but sony have a good rep in my circles, and i heard alot about the phillips, so i said i'd ask :P

seems by unanimous vote...sofar sennheiser wins??
To the owners of the 202's....whats the noise isolation/cancelation like?? I'm not expecting miracles...but I do need a servicable amount for the usual sort of background noise to be cancelled out
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Sennheiser dude! I have a pair of headphones from Sony they are not that bad but Sennheiser is a better brand overall.
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I just go into a nearby drug store and buy some headphones there for like $3 and they last a decent amount of time.
Most of the time I can't tell the difference in the quality of the music with more expensive headphones
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Save a bit more money, get Sennheiser HD 280 Pros, thank me later.
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You can't go wrong with Grado. Open diaphragm though.
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