If anyone has any comments on the mix, please do not hesitate to tell

Gear: Schecter C-1 Blackjack with BKP Nailbomb and Ibanez SR1006efm
Plugins: TSE X50 amp sim, Catharsis impulses, Superior Drummer, TSE 808, TSE B.O.D., Waves plugins, Pod Farm and Ozone.
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Oh wow, look at my anchoring x_x

Hmm, I may have some corrections to the mix myself. Thought about bringing the kick a tad up. I also want the bass to be more pronounced in the low mids (I guess), but I'm having a hard time to do so without creating mud.

Also: Is it a stupid idea to use 2 different notes (one for each panned guitar) when doing pinch harmonics? (You can hear at 1:03) Apart from that note, the guitars (and bass for that matter) are very much a unity, but on the pinch you suddenly become aware that there is more than one guitar playing. Any thoughts on this?
this is sick dude, could you send me dl links for the amp sim and impulses please!
Google TSE X50 and catharsis impulses and you'll find them in a matter of seconds
Thanks man will do! Is that all you used for the guitars? The quality is great!
Yeps! Did some very basic EQ'ing, but those are pretty much my entire tone until I get my Axe Fx II

Edit: Oi, almost forgot, I just TSE 808 tubescreamer plugin before the X50 as well
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Ive downloaded the X50 and 808 but they arent showing up, do I install them the same as a normal vst plugin or am i missing something? haha
Put them in your VST folder and press F5 in your FX window in Reaper (assuming you use it)
ah shit nvm I found out my current computer doesnt support SSE2...fail, until i get a new comp!