Not sure if this is the right place, but basically I'm doing a cover of Lunatic Fringe - Red Rider and have been trying to figure out what kind of effects are in the song. I'm mainly trying to get the intro synth effect, but I could also use help on any of the other effects (guitars, vocals etc.). I can easily figure it out, but if anyone knows already that would be helpful.
First of all... AWESOME SONG!


I would say that is a good crunchy overdrive, with some reverb.

The slide guitar has some delay on it, and that's basically that!

The Synthesizer is basically a saw wave with a low pass filter set to about 12:00 and a medium-long glide,and with some delay and reverb.
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OT, but fun....

Tom Cochrane was playing somewhere in the US where Red Rider was not that well known, least of all Tom Cochrane as a solo artist.

After the show, a guy comes up to him and says something to the effect of, "Man, you were great! I really liked that Pink Floyd cover of Lunatic Things."

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