My rage finally broke down so I get an amp 250 and under. I play a lot of slide, clean chords and arpeggios, and the rest is classic metal that only goes to 80's thrash gain. I will order online so location doesn't matter. What I want is a dark, thick and warm clean tone and a dark and chunky od. The two amps I have it narrowed down to are the Peavey Vyper 30 and the Blackstar HT-1R combo. My budget is not adjustable because of family stability, and i am looking for something that has a tone I will be happy with for a looong time. I wouldn't be able to try the Blackstar out but could return it for a Vyper and sanpera 1 if I buy through guitar center. A final opinion before i take the plunge with the Blackstar which i am leaning towards would be nice.
I assume it's for home use only?

I haven't tried the HT-1r, but I doubt a 1-watt amp will be very good for cleans. It'll probably do Thrash, though. Depends which is more important.

For that sort of money, your best bet will probably be a modeller. Peavey Vypyr, Fender Mustang, Roland Cube, something like that. I really like the Mustangs, fantastic tones, however the III, IV and V models often develop a bug which creates a "fizz", which Fender so far have ignored. The I and II are fine, though. The Peavey Vypyrs also have a few issues, most of which I believe have been resolved with updated software.
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If you prefer the cleans over the gain go Fender, if it's the other way then go Peavey IMO. By the way, I've heard good things about the Vox Valvetronix.

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I prefer the gain but i have heard that the vypyr is practically a toy and i loved the sound bites of the ht-1. Can you have guitar center ship an amp over to try out before you buy?