So I'm sliding up the D string with my middle finger and all of the sudden my finger just starts stinging. It's not red or bruised-looking either. Did a microscopic piece of metal get embedded in the tip of my finger or something? Is that possible? I'm using D'addario Phosphor Bronzes.
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Im not epileptic you ****.
Maybe so, I've never had one before. Does that go away?
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Im not epileptic you ****.
This used to happen to me a lot.
I thought the same thing, maybe a sliver of metal or something, but I believe it's just your nerves.
My middle finger would get it most of the time, and if I stopped playing for like a day, it would go away. Just happens sometimes, hit a nerve wrong.
Thanks guys. I'll just let my hand rest and hope it goes away in time.
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Im not epileptic you ****.
Yea but don't say anything bout it because people are suppose to hate me and think I'm a troll........
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Im not epileptic you ****.
I've had small pieces of metal from the string go into my finger before as well, but this is unlikely unless you see some defect on the string. Just rest it up and it should go away sooner or later.
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Heat via friction from rapid slide up rough surface. S'ok, 'cause it helps make mo'bettah callouses