Well, i was watching this video on youtube. A guy playing with an Ibanez RG570.
Everything was pretty normal, but at some point of the video, somehow, his tone changed and sounded the way i've been looking for a long time.

Here's the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Klc_gr5h_-s
His sound starts to change at 1:02, and goes back to normal at around 1:32.

Do any of you have any idea how did that sound change happened?
Is there any effect to do that?
I'm thinking it's some kind of Mids or bass boost, some kind of Lo-fi sound.
Does anybody have any idea?

Thanks in advance guys.
that was the cameras mic compensating for the loud volume.... a flanger can do that?
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Anyways, I have no idea what about this sounds out-of-the-ordinary. To me, it seems as though he didn't actually do anything, with the exception of it sounding like the microphone was covered. If you want this sound, just cut a hole in your amp's grille cloth and shove pillows in it when you want that sound.
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Yeah that's just the microphone adjusting to the higher volume of the solo.

That said, if you want an effect like this, get an EQ pedal, set it, and activate it when you solo for a "different" or more compressed sound.
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Hi, well thanks everyone, i knew what i was looking for, wasn't some kind of overdrive or distortion pedal, it was just some kind of EQ thingy. I suppose i should get an MXR EQ-7 and some delay or reverb to enhance it!. Thanks everyone. I would still like to read more opinions.