Hey all, I've been playing electric for a while now, and after fiddling around on a friend's bass I think it seems fun. I've been scouring craigslist, and found an Ibanez SR500 for just under $200. First question is, would that be a good starting bass? Not really sure what kinda music I'd get into really.

Also, how imperative is it to get a bass amp? Just wondering if my Marshall would work good enough just for my own personal enjoyment.
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Yes, it would be a fine bass to start with. Do not play a bass through a guitar combo amp or a guitar speaker cabinet. You could play through a guitar head and a bass cabinet, but a bass will fry the guitar speakers in short order.
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FatalGear41 is 100% correct. Ibanez makes solid basses, and I'd recommend getting one. And as you were previously told, don't play it through your guitar amp. It will fry your speaker. You could probably pick up a decent used Peavey or something for a good price... Also, you may want to check out some Fenders. I picked up a cheap Fender Rumble 25, and it worked great for me when I started!
that would be an amazing starter bass, as far as amps go use a proper bass amp(it avoids the risk of blowing your marshall) i'd recommend either an Ampeg BA-108 or a Fender Rumble 25