Electric guitar is my favorite music instrument. I practice playing electric guitar since last year
I really can't escape my love for the trombone. I've played for the past 7-8 years now, and I really miss it now that I'm not in school anymore (I don't have my own yet, I'm poor )
It really is a great instrument, and I love the unique things that are offered by the slide and mouthpiece. You just can't do the same awesome things on a saxophone or clarinet.
A close second for me is the baritone. it has such a nice tone to it when played well, and it's a gateway instrument for low brass people to learn trumpet, or vice-versa. One of my good buddies in high school went from trumpet to baritone, and now he's the lead trombone in my high school's jazz band (even though he plays valve...)

honorable mentions go to the piano and trumpet for being beautiful.
well guitarmostly casue im the best at it and and all the different tones i could coax out of it
(i count electric and acoustic/nylon as one insturment)

but the piano is a close second sincei started playing it recently
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Guitar, Piano, cor anglais/Oboe, Violin, Cello, Horn... Not necessarily in that order though.
Can't beat the beauty of the oboe. I don't play it. I'd like to, but am not sure it would be very satisfactory outside an orchestra. Plus I've heard it's very difficult to play.
I love the sound of piano playing. I also quite like saxophones, and hope to learn at some point.

However, guitars are shockingly versatile. I like that, and always will more than other instruments.
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Guitar is a good musical instrument in singing.It also touches to the heart of people.I like piano because i have known how to play piano in the age of 6 years.
OK, I'll play along too. My favorite instrument is the pipe organ. No shit.

Admittedly, a little goes a long way. I think my love for it comes from bein' drug to church as a child by my granny.

Then there's the whole E. Power Biggs, Virgil Fox, and Keith Emerson paradigm.
1. Guitar
2. Drums

Then others like piano, bass, harp. But right now i am learning guitar and drums.
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And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
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I love how you get the advantage of playing both chords and melody on piano

You can do the same on a guitar
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You can do the same on a guitar

Yes but not to the extent that you can on a piano.
Euphonium. Honourable mention to bass trombone.
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